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Noisefloor Concerts this Week


noisefloor1.5MBIt’s Noisefloor time! The full programme is on the festival website. Tuesday is Fixed Acousmatic Works (curated by Doug Rouxel), Wednesday is Popular Music and Interactive Systems (curated by myself), Thursday is Audio-Visual Music (curated by Dave Payling) and Acoustic Instruments and Electronics (curated by Marc Estibeiro). New for 2017, all three days will feature screenings of experimental films, curated by Dan Hopkins.

All concerts are linked to student concerts, where they present and perform assessed work at the end of the academic year. My concert on Wednesday features work by Manoli Moriaty, Shane Byrne, Rob Blazey, Ryan Kirkbride and Rustad Holseter.

Piece for Tape


PieceForTapeScreenshotA new piece, recently premièred at De Montfort University’s MTI concert series. Created as a one-take live recording (yes, really) with the system visuals, and available here for your viewing / listening pleasure.

‘Piece for Tape’ builds on ground covered  in the Church Belles piece, in which everyday objects and metaphors are used to reveal how the interactive system works and link into the composition itself – which explores memory and nostalgia.

‘Piece for Tape’ works with custom/hacked Max for Live audio devices and visuals created with Max.

Noisefloor 2017


noisefloor_2017_squareIn May 2017 we will again be running the Noisefloor festival.

The festival will feature five strands. These are: fixed acousmatic (curated by Doug Rouxel; popular music and interactive systems (curated by myself); visual music (curated by Dave Payling); acoustic instruments and electronics (curated by Marc Estibeiro) and for the first time, experimental film (curated by Daniel Hopkins).

We look forward to welcoming international and national artists as well as presenting material by students on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Summertime Update


NIME2016I’m about to set off for NIME 2016 in Brisbane, Australia, to present a poster on my piece / software “Church Belles”. I’ve also been invited to play the piece at Sonorities 2016 in Belfast later in the year.

This comes at the end of a busy year. The Music department at the Staffordshire University has been busy developing new courses, moving our base from Stafford to Stoke and starting to plan for the REF (Research Excellence Framework) and the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework). I’ve also found the time to work on a couple of new tracks: a remix and a guitar-led pop song (link to work in progress coming soon).



Noise_logo-05_sqIt’s Noisefloor time again! This year, we are running a much smaller festival, featuring exclusively student work. The festival has run nearly every year since 2010 and has featured concerts and papers from a plethora of UK and international artists and academics. However, this year, we decided that with the departure of festival founder Ben Ramsay, the imminent move of the department from Stafford to Stoke and our new degree courses for 2016, we thought we should take things a bit easier this year.

There are still plenty of treats on offer, and Tuesday 19th and Friday 22nd April are still packed with acousmatic, digital performance and audio-visual delights. All are welcome.