Geeklab Presentation


Processing gridI will be presenting some of my current PhD research at the Geeklab event, hosted by Bitjam at the Burslem School of Art this Saturday, 14th July. You can attend in person or listen/watch live on between 12 and 4pm. This follows on and relates from some recent videos I’ve done and an appearance on Cre8 radio.

I’m currently researching the live performance of electronic music. There was a recent article on Create Digital Music about how many musicians “cheat” by pressing the play button. As a live performer and recording artist, I’m interested in how pressing the play button can be made more interesting, and looking at how human performers and audiences can relate to machines.

I’m working with Max/MSP/Jitter to generate timing, recording and FX; Processing for the visuals and Ableton Live to host samples and software instruments. I’m also learning SuperCollider.